Maxway places a high priority on maintaining our client's privacy. To discover more about Maxway's privacy practices and philosophy, please read this section of our website. We are aware that many of our clients give protecting their privacy a top concern. To earn your trust, Maxway has worked hard to give you only the best foods and goods. We now want to use every effort to keep that promise. To improve our cooperation, Maxway would like you to be aware of how our website interacts with visitors and how we will use any information we discover about them.

Types Of Information Gathered!

The data below may have been collected by Maxway

While using a feature of this website, like during a registration process or purchase, users willingly submit personal information about themselves, including their name, address, phone number, email address, and birth date, as well as financial information, like their credit card number.

information obtained by voluntary participation in surveys or polls, or through talks with employees like the webmaster or a customer support agent.

As people browse our website, our servers automatically log a certain amount of information.

We may gather information about your computer and visits to this website, including your IP address, location, browser type, referring website, visit length, and the number of pages viewed. Your data may be used for marketing initiatives, website administration, and usability enhancement. Cookies are used on this website. This makes it possible for the webserver to recognize and follow the web browser. If your browser accepts one of our cookies, it may decide to store it on your computer's hard disc. We may use the data we gather from cookies to operate our website, enhance its usability, and conduct marketing initiatives.

When you visit our website, we may also use this information to recognize your computer and better tailor the content to your needs. You may also receive cookies from our advertisers. You may typically configure your browser to reject cookies. But as a result, lots of websites, including this one, will suffer and lose functionality.

Except when necessary to meet your service requests or as required by law, Maxway will not sell or otherwise share personally identifying information with other people or non-affiliated organizations. To provide you with some promotional & marketing services, Maxway will disclose this information to specific business partners.

In addition to its research partner, Maxway periodically shares anonymized user-aggregated data with additional business partners.

The disclosure of certain information may be required by Maxway to uphold our legal duties, protect our rights, property, or the safety of others, or in response to a court order. Your information is not provided to these organizations or companies for marketing or commercial purposes.

If you participate in any blog posts or other online forums on our website, your personal information might be disclosed to other forum users.

Any of these scenarios could involve the recipient of the personal data being based in India or another country with less stringent data protection regulations than your own.

We won't release your information to outside parties unless this privacy statement specifically states otherwise.


You may need to initially input some information, such as your email address, mobile number, pin code, and other data, to use various functions on our website. According to Maxway, we will be in a better position to provide you with information that will be useful to you if we know more specifics about you.